Frequently Asked Questions

Queen’s Wharf Brisbane General Information

When is the Visitor Centre open and what can I see there?


The Visitor Centre, located on the corner of George and Alice streets, is open to the public Monday to Friday between 8am and 4pm.

The state-of-the-art visitor centre is free and open to the public and gives visitors a taste of what is to come as part of the $3.6 billion investment into Queensland’s largest redevelopment site.

The scaled 3 metre diameter circular model of the Queen’s Wharf development prominently positioned in the visitor centre is a key attraction for all, but if you are also interested in a more personalised experience – then try the VR goggles to imagine yourself standing on the Sky Deck or at the river’s edge on The Landing.

A number of videos including construction progress, archaeological works and flythrough concept of the completed development are also available for viewing, otherwise, check out the project timeline or archaeological finds on display inside.

Anyone is welcome to pop along to the visitor centre, however for groups of 10 or more we encourage you to prearrange a time so that someone can be dedicated to assisting your group. For group bookings email

When will Queen’s Wharf Brisbane open?


In the first half of 2023, the core of the development is expected to open, and then the consortium will begin the conversion of the existing Treasury Hotel and Casino into The Ritz-Carlton and high-end retail stores. This is expected to open in 2024.

Timing for the residential towers has not yet been confirmed but will be after the core of the development.

Who is the developer for Queen’s Wharf Brisbane?


Destination Brisbane Consortium is the developer for Queen’s Wharf Brisbane. Destination Brisbane Consortium is a joint venture between The Star Entertainment Group, and Hong Kong-based Chow Tai Fook Enterprises and Far East Consortium.

Our consortium brings together a powerhouse of Australian and global experience in property and hotel development, consumer and retail markets, entertainment and hospitality.

For more visit our Partners page

What is Queen’s Wharf Brisbane?


Queen’s Wharf Brisbane is an integrated resort development which will transform our city with a diverse mix of new riverfront space; high-quality dining options to suit every taste and budget; exciting nightlife and entertainment; local and international retail brands; and world-class five and six-star hotels. The project will revitalise a tired and underutilised part of the city, which has been neglected for decades.

Located in the CBD, the $3.6 billion development will feature iconic contemporary architecture alongside beautifully restored heritage buildings, and provide locals and tourists with more than 12 football fields of public space to enjoy. It will strengthen our reputation as an international tourism, leisure and entertainment destination.

The development will also help better connect our city with a new pedestrian bridge to South Bank.

The development is built on the edge of the Brisbane River – how will it stand up to major weather events that result in flooding?


The Brisbane River Catchment Flood Study has been carefully considered during all design and planning stages of Queen’s Wharf Brisbane.

The study details have been at the forefront of the development’s design and have informed the heights for where essential services will be placed within the development. This means that services will be resilient to major flooding impacts to assist with continuity of operation within the arc shaped building and supporting towers (core of the development).

Where there is risk of flooding to public spaces closest to the river, Destination Brisbane Consortium has designed the public space surfaces to be durable, impact and flood resilient.

How can I stay informed and updated on the development?


Destination Brisbane Consortium will continue to engage and provide information to the local community, businesses and work with governments. In the meantime, we encourage people to stay up-to-date through a variety of ways:

What are some of the beneficial economic impacts to be driven by the development?


Queen’s Wharf Brisbane will deliver transformational impacts on Queensland jobs, training and tourism. Some key impacts include:

  • Creation of around 2000 jobs during the peak construction period.
  • Creation of more than 8000 jobs in Queensland once fully operational.
  • Projected 1.39 million additional tourists per annum.
  • Projected $1.69 billion annual increase in Queensland tourism spend.
  • $4 billion projected boost to Gross State Product.
  • Additional training and apprenticeship opportunities through the Queensland Hotel & Hospitality School, a landmark partnership established in 2015 between The Star Entertainment Group and TAFE Queensland. For more visit or
  • The relocation of The Star Entertainment Group’s corporate office from Sydney to Queensland.

What parts of the development will be open to the public to enjoy?


Queen’s Wharf Brisbane will become a world-class destination for Brisbane open to everyone. In addition to revitalised heritage buildings and an array of new retail, dining and entertainment options, it will also provide 12 football fields of public space to enjoy. This includes parkland, newly created river spaces, the iconic Sky Deck positioned 100 metres above William Street and an outdoor cinema.

How can I be part of Queen’s Wharf Brisbane as a potential job seeker or supplier?


Queensland individuals and businesses are encouraged to learn more about Queen’s Wharf Brisbane and the potential opportunities to get involved. The size and scale of Queen’s Wharf Brisbane will provide significant jobs, training and supplier opportunities for Queenslanders – during both construction and operational phases.

For more visit our Get Involved page.

What tourism opportunities are expected to be generated from the development?


Queen’s Wharf Brisbane positions Brisbane as an international tourism destination that attracts visitors and investment to Brisbane and greater Queensland. The tourism demand forecasting and research undertaken by Destination Brisbane Consortium indicates that the actual facilities and attractions the consortium is proposing will generate a projected 1.39 million additional tourists per annum. Lead consortium partner, The Star Entertainment Group, along with its strategic consortium partners, also provide considerable and complementary hospitality and tourism development opportunities.

How tall are the buildings in the precinct?


All buildings within the precinct will comply with planning requirements and the Civil Aviation Safety Authority’s height restrictions for the Brisbane CBD, which is approximately 274 metres.