People, Environment & Heritage


Delivering environmental excellence

Queen’s Wharf Brisbane will be a world-class environmentally-sustainable precinct that is built to a six-star Green Star Communities Rating.

The precinct will showcase and maximise energy efficiencies and water conservation.

Dust, noise and vibration management will be monitored and controlled in accordance with relevant requirements, as per other large scale projects within Brisbane’s CBD.

Bio Retention Basin


Queen’s Wharf Brisbane will use conservation and sustainable management of site water through the application of Water Sensitive Urban Design and water management strategies. This includes the use of greywater and rainwater wherever possible.

Water sensitive urban design features will be applied to create an ecologically beneficial urban water system. This will include management of stormwater to ensure that water leaving the site does not negatively impact the water quality of the Brisbane River and Moreton Bay (including a reduction in gross pollutants from stormwater discharge).

Energy efficiency

Queen’s Wharf Brisbane will work to reduce greenhouse gas emissions through energy efficiency measures and renewable energy sources.

Passive building design within the precinct and material selection will help reduce energy consumption.