People, Environment & Heritage


Our community

Brisbane enjoys a richly diverse community, a range of cultures and lifestyles. Destination Brisbane Consortium is committed to continual engagement about the development with both locals and visitors.

Our consortium team is engaging with a wide range of stakeholders including the local community, governments, businesses and industry.

We strongly value the many views of these stakeholders and that is why in 2016, before any construction work began, we undertook a community sentiment survey to create a baseline for measuring community views over time. Each year we conduct the same survey to measure any change in community views and help us identify areas of interest to the community.

Queen’s Wharf Brisbane and The Star Brisbane also partner with a range of community events and brands including the Lord Mayor’s Christmas Carols, Brisbane Festival, Brisbane Racing Carnival, Brisbane Fashion Festival and the Brisbane Broncos.

Public spaces

Queen’s Wharf Brisbane will transform tired and underutilised CBD land into a place of life and activity that locals and tourists will be proud to visit.

The new development will celebrate Brisbane’s outdoor lifestyle and maximise the city’s amazing subtropical climate and 300+ days of sunshine every year.

It will feature the equivalent of 12 football fields of public space including newly created parkland, upgraded riverfront access and, the iconic Sky Deck and an elevated Leisure Deck on Level 7 of the resort that includes green space and resort facilities.

Queen’s Wharf Brisbane will also support a range of outdoor activities including exercising, cycling, running and kayaking.

Across the entire development, there are several spaces that have been designed for use individually or as an extended space that links together to support major events and festivals.