Frequently Asked Questions

Construction Management

How will Destination Brisbane Consortium manage health and safety during construction?


Destination Brisbane Consortium will always put first the health, safety and welfare of its employees, contractors, subcontractors, suppliers and the general public. The consortium will appoint reputable principal contractors to undertake construction, in accordance with a workplace health and safety management plan.

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What environmental measures are in place to minimise impacts to the environment such as dust, noise and vibration?


Queen’s Wharf Brisbane will be a world-class environmentally-sustainable precinct that is built to a six-star Green Star Communities Rating. The precinct will showcase and maximise energy efficiencies and water conservation. Dust, noise and vibration management will be monitored and controlled in accordance with relevant requirements, as per other large scale projects within Brisbane’s CBD.

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What mitigations are being taken to manage the risk of flooding during construction and once operational?


The safety of our people and contractors is a priority. The construction of the site will meet all regulatory requirements. Our flood modelling demonstrates that all Queen’s Wharf Brisbane essential services are above the Brisbane City Council’s Q100 flood levels and flood mitigation measures, such as a flood gate, are part of the design. Destination Brisbane Consortium will work closely with its contractors and suppliers to ensure that measures are in place to prevent water or any other issue affecting the Queen’s Wharf Brisbane site.