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Vehicle movements reduced through recycling of materials

Delta is proceeding with the Queen’s Wharf Tower precinct demolition, with works continuing to ramp up well into the second half of 2022.

Currently the existing carpark suspended slabs are being demolished on site, along with surrounding concrete structures where the 253-metre residential Queen’s Wharf Tower and smaller commercial tower will be built.

All works undertaken are being closely monitored; Hammering is being minimised when using large hydraulic excavators by utilising pulverisers and mechanical grabs.  Noise and dust monitoring is in place, with dust mitigation strategies actively being deployed.

Concrete debris from the demolition will be reused as the underlaying layer to the piling platform, with all segregated steel reinforcement recycled. This environmentally friendly initiative will reduce the total import and export of materials required to undertake the works, assisting to reduce vehicle movements in and out of the site during this period.

With the anticipated arrival of piling rigs in August 2022, construction of the piling platform will begin, commencing with installation of bored piers and capping beam.

Delta’s approved construction hours are Monday to Friday 06:30am to 06:30pm. For more information about these works please subscribe to our construction notices by clicking the “Stay Informed” button on top right of our website.