Queen’s Wharf welcomes Sokyo at The Star Brisbane, where ritual meets art

Sokyo Brisbane

Sokyo is the newest dining sensation set to captivate palates in 2024, with an offering as excitingly modern as it is beautifully traditional joining The Star Brisbane’s culinary lineup.

For over a decade, Sokyo has prevailed as one of Sydney’s most beloved Japanese restaurants and a standout culinary attraction at The Star. Earning hatted status, Sokyo’s triumph paved the way for its sister restaurant, Kiyomi, which has achieved resounding success on the Gold Coast. Now Sokyo will join Brisbane’s evolving fine dining scene to share its award-winning philosophy.

Renowned for its traditional Japanese cooking techniques, Sokyo delivers unexpected twists to the dining experience, taking the ordinary to extraordinary. The creative collision of Ritual Meets Art brings theatre to the entire sensory experience, whilst incorporating the finest Queensland produce to infuse a modern, localised touch.

It is an exquisite bridge between Japanese culinary tradition and delicious, modern innovation; a place where time-honoured Tokyo craftsmanship meets Australia’s gastronomic adventurousness. The result is an experience that offers a delicate balance of ritual and art, an ode to Japanese tradition and ceremony through a modern Australian lens.

The Star Brisbane General Manager of Food & Beverage, Dustin Osuch, said Sokyo will provide an elevated experience at the centre of Brisbane’s new entertainment hub and anticipates the restaurant will join Kiyomi as one of the region’s most innovative Japanese dining experiences.

“We are thrilled to bring Sokyo to the Brisbane market after the unprecedented success of Sokyo at The Star Sydney and Kiyomi at The Star Gold Coast,” Mr Osuch said.

“Brisbane is rapidly evolving into one of the nation’s top dining destinations and Sokyo will bring an exciting and unexpected flavour to the city whilst staying true to Brisbane’s unique culture.”

To sculpt and direct the new venture, The Star Brisbane has announced the appointment of Sokyo Brisbane Executive Chef, Alex Yu.

Yu’s culinary odyssey began at Sokyo Sydney in 2014 where he honed his skills for eight years, meticulously mastering the intricacies of Japanese culinary traditions as Sous Chef. It was during this time at Sokyo that Yu developed his signature style, earning him the endearing moniker “sashimi florist” for his exquisite platters of premium fish adorned with delicate floral arrangements. Yu has since become synonymous with the artistry of Japanese cuisine.

Venturing beyond familiar grounds, Yu assumed the role of Head Chef at Yugen Melbourne in October 2022 where he orchestrated a symphony of flavours that captivated palates and earned the restaurant two coveted hats within a mere month of opening. Under his leadership, Yugen soared to culinary heights, drawing acclaim and admiration from diners and industry experts alike.

Now taking the helm at Sokyo Brisbane, Yu says he eagerly anticipates introducing his gastronomic vision to Brisbane’s rapidly evolving dining scene.

“Returning to The Star where my culinary career flourished feels like a homecoming, and to have the opportunity to share Sokyo’s philosophy with Brisbane is truly a privilege,” said Yu.

“I have collaborated with the highly experienced culinary team to curate a menu that harmonises tradition with contemporary flair, paying homage to the fundamentals of Japanese cuisine whilst remaining ahead of the gastronomic curve.

“I’m excited to infuse the Sokyo menu with my artistic vision, drawing from my time in Sydney and Melbourne to deliver a cutting-edge dining experience tailored to Brisbane’s discerning palate. Each element is meticulously considered, from the smallest measurement to the exact angle and temperature.”

Sokyo’s Ritual Meets Art philosophy is evident in every dish and every detail, as the refined menu delivers unexpected twists to transform dining into a performance of unforgettable moments.

Leading international designers, Hassell, have curated a modern, Japanese restaurant interior, enveloped with scrolls and timber screens in a lush setting that is true to the relaxed nature of the Brisbane lifestyle.

Catering up to 160 guests with a sushi bar and custom-designed circular Private Dining Room, great precision and creativity has ensured the space provides guests with an unparalleled dining experience.

“The inspiration was to create a cultural celebration, combining Japanese aesthetics with the resort’s sub-tropical surrounds. The result is a garden of delights that evokes traditional Japanese detailing in a contemporary Brisbane setting,” said Hassell’s Principal Interior Designer Carolyn Solley.

Sokyo is expected to open from August 2024 and will feature alongside an abundance of unique dining experiences destined for The Star Brisbane.

For more information, visit www.thestarbrisbane.com.au