Miller Park on the map

This small but significant historical park is being transformed into a new accessible green space in the city’s centre.

Declared parkland in 1980 due to its historical importance as the main point of access to the Moreton Bay Penal Settlement in the early 1800s, Miller Park will continue to be part of the green heritage heart of Brisbane upon re-opening.

The features of the park, including a wall built by convicts and a canopying Poinciana tree, continue to be important landmarks and are being carefully managed as part of the upgrade.

Destination Brisbane Consortium Project Director Simon Crooks says Miller Park will play an important role in Queen’s Wharf’s public space and connectivity.

“Miller Park has been a quiet meeting spot and pedestrian connection from William Street to the river’s edge for decades,” Mr Crooks said.

“This will continue as Miller Park will be a key connectivity piece with the installation of a lift connecting William Street and Queens Wharf Road.

“The rejuvenation of the park will include enhanced sitting and green space providing a quiet break area between the river and the CBD.”

Multiplex Project Manager Tyson Macdonald said the works in the park are progressing well with the final structural steel installed this month.

“The structural steel for the accessible ramp and stairs has been completed with timber decking now being installed for the access ways and viewing area,” Mr Macdonald said.

“Next will be the installation of the lift for direct access to Queens Wharf Road and onto the Bicentennial Bikeway and river edge access – the structure is already in place, ready for the lift carriage.

“Landscaping and irrigation works will round out the upgrade, completing what will be a new space for tourists and locals to use in the CBD.

“Multiplex is excited to be part of this heritage project that will breathe life into this underutilised space – something old will be new and it’s special to be part of that story.”

Miller Park is also located next to the oldest occupied building in Queensland, The Commissariat Store, which features a convict museum that specialises in Queensland’s history.

The Royal Historical Society of Queensland convict museum continues to open throughout construction. Contact details listed below.

Address: 115 William Street, Brisbane, 4000

Opening house: 10am – 4pm Tuesday to Friday

Telephone: (07) 3221 4198