George Street facelift underway

George Street facelift underway

Opposite the Queen’s Wharf site on George Street, footpath works are underway to rejuvenate the area.

Footpath upgrades are continuing Monday to Friday from 6am to 4pm along George Street between Charlotte and Mary Street.

Pedestrian access is available along George Street with a reduced footpath width in some parts only. Access to all buildings is available and will not be impacted during the works.

A construction zone is in place, excluded by temporary fencing where works are being undertaken on sections of the existing footpath on George Street.

Pedestrians will notice an increase in construction noise and works in the area during construction hours.

After each workday, the car parking that is used as a construction exclusion zone will be reinstated on George Street and will be available as per Brisbane City Council guidelines.

Multiplex Project Manager Tyson Macdonald said the public realm works extend from the Brisbane River all the way to George Street, covering an area of 33,000m2.

“This next stage of works will complement the George Street entrance of the Queen’s Wharf precinct, including the Lux Box and grand entrance to the events space and future gaming”, Mr Macdonald said.

“A large portion of these works include surface upgrades and planting new trees”.

“Six new trees will be planted along this section of George Street, greening the area and enhancing the cityscape along the road corridor.”

The works are scheduled for a six-week period pending weather and site conditions.