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Back 15 Sep '22

Queen’s Wharf centerpiece takes shape

Queen’s Wharf Brisbane has unveiled the first glimpse of the Olympic City’s futuristic skyline with a major milestone overnight.

The first section of the iconic Sky Deck, sitting 100 metres above the Brisbane River with views stretching from the CBD out to Moreton Bay, has been lifted into place connecting the two rising towers.

Destination Brisbane Consortium Project Director Simon Crooks said its a major construction milestone in what is Brisbane’s greatest city-shaping development in more than 30 years.

“The Sky Deck will become one of the city’s great public tourism and entertainment experiences and a must-visit attraction for Queensland,” Mr Crooks said.

“I anticipate it being the most photographed location in Brisbane with a 250-metre open air rooftop runway of bars, restaurants and unprecedented views for up to 1,500 people.

“This structural lift was incredibly complex and has taken months of planning but was executed to precision overnight. It’s a credit to the teams involved.

“It’s a major moment from the Consortium and for Brisbane. The Sky Deck idea was a back of a napkin moment, an idea that Brisbane could have something to rival world-class precincts such as Marina Bay Sands. Today, that idea is becoming a reality.”

Weighting 175 tonnes, the platform of structural steel was lifted more than 50 metres and is the first of three sections required to join all four towers to create the iconic Sky Deck arc shape.

The design and engineering behind the Sky Deck has been a team effort between the Consortium, and its contractors.

Multiplex Project Manager Matt Berry said Multiplex are proud to be using this innovative lifting technology for the Sky Deck.

“Queen’s Wharf Brisbane is using this unique strand jacking technology to lift a bridge connection and join high-rise buildings together,” Matt Berry said.

“Multiplex has engaged specialist sub-contractor VSL, who have worked on Marina Bay Sands, Petronas Towers and the Burj Khalifa.

“Using specialist lifting equipment, including four separate stranding jacking platforms, the steel platform was safely lifted 50 metres.

“From here, it will take around a week of welding and installing bolts until the strand jacks and lifting equipment can be released.

“Two more levels will be constructed on top of the steel platform before it reaches the open-air Sky Deck.”

The next two structural steel platforms required to join tower 1 and Queen’s Wharf Residences to the Sky Deck will be installed in the next 6 months.

Queen’s Wharf Brisbane will transform the CBD with four new luxury hotels, more than 50 new bars and restaurants, around 1,500 residential apartments and when the development commences a staged opening from the second half of 2023, it will collectively offer more than 12 football fields of public space.

The $3.6 billion Queen’s Wharf Brisbane development is being delivered by Destination Brisbane Consortium – a joint venture led by The Star Entertainment Group alongside its Hong Kong-based partners, Chow Tai Fook Enterprises and Far East Consortium.