Construction Updates

Site establishment for Queen’s Wharf Tower precinct early works

On Monday 27 June, Delta Group will commence site establishment to enable early works on Queen’s Wharf Tower precinct.


From Monday 27 June 2022, approved site establishment and early works on the Queen’s Wharf Tower precinct will commence on the site behind the Mansions on the corner of William and Margaret Sts.


40 George Street; with the boundary of Alice, William and Margaret Sts. Site entry: William St opposite 1 William St (see map).

What to expect:

The initial works will be to establish the site boundary, realignment of hoarding (site fencing) and site accommodation modular buildings on the site via William Street.

A small number of vehicles including passenger, semi-trailers, flatbed trucks and mobile cranes will be required to bring materials into and establish the site. All vehicle movements will enter and exit via William Street and will be under traffic control where required to ensure the safety of nearby pedestrians. There will be no haulage truck movements during peak hours

Early works include:

  • Drilling, hammering, digging, truck loading and general construction activities and noise
  • Demolition of existing non-heritage structures including Visitor Centre
  • Removal and recycling of material

All works are undertaken with noise and dust mitigation strategies in place including pulverizes and ripping rather than hammering where possible, sprinklers and spray cannons, and dust monitoring.

The Mansions will be secured and protected throughout the works.

Delta’s approved construction hours are Monday to Friday 06:30am to 06:30pm. For more information about these works please contact Delta or Destination Brisbane Consortium on the numbers below or keep up to date by subscribing to construction notices by clicking the stay informed button on the top right via our website.