Construction Updates

Revised: Bicentennial Bikeway upgrade between North Quay terminal and The Cove

From 3 September 2020 the Bicentennial Bikeway width will be reduced to 3 metres to enable upgrade works to begin.


Construction work along the bikeway will occur from Thursday 3 September 2020 to late-2021, between 9.00am and 4.00pm Monday to Friday (outside peak commute times). Other construction related activities and associated works may occur from 6.30am to 6.30pm Monday to Friday.


The bikeway will be reduced to three metres in width and will operate as a shared zone for pedestrians and active transport users.

An exclusion area with temporary fencing will be established along the bikeway from the North Quay Ferry Terminal to The Cove (just past the Finger Wharves). See map attached.

Access to the North Quay Ferry Terminal will be maintained at all times.

What to expect:

The bikeway, while reduced in width, will remain open for pedestrians and active transport users while works are underway. What to expect:

  • Temporary fencing around work zones along the bikeway alignment
  • Construction vehicles guided by traffic control
  • At times, pedestrians and active transport users may need to hold temporarily
  • Increase of workers in the area
  • Intermittent noise while works are underway.