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Crane installation at South Bank for future Neville Bonner Bridge works

Night work will occur on Tuesday 1 September and Wednesday 2 September, for two nights only, while a 250 tonne crawler crane is moved into the construction area at South Bank.


Night works: Between 8pm and 5am on the evenings of Tuesday 1 September and Wednesday 2 September 2020, Fitzgerald will deliver and assemble a 250 tonne crawler crane onsite.


Nine trucks will enter via Russell Street and be escorted under traffic control to the ramp area adjacent to the fenced construction site.

The trucks will be surrounded by temporary fencing while the vehicles are unloaded.

As the vehicles are unloaded the crane will be assembled onsite in the area in front of the Wheel of Brisbane. See attached map for details.

What to expect:

While the crane is being installed and assembled some noise may be heard. Equipment expected to be used includes a service crane, lifting equipment, large flat-bed trucks and semi-trailers, generators, flood lights and hydraulic tools.

Traffic controllers will be in place within the South Bank Parklands, on Russell and Grey Streets to assist with the safe installation of this equipment.

Pedestrian and Cyclist Access:

Pedestrian and cyclist access will be maintained at all times, however at a reduced width. As crane lifts are occurring temporary holds may be required to create a safe exclusion zone. Traffic controllers will be on hand at all times to safely manage pedestrian and cyclist movements.