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Project update January 2018

As we reach the end of January 2018, it’s a good time to look back and reflect on where Queen’s Wharf Brisbane is up to, and what lies ahead.

January 2017 saw the commencement of demolition and enabling work onsite. Just on a year later, Probuild – the contractor for these works –  is near the end of the works package.

Looking at the site today reveals the dramatic transformation that has occurred during this time. The three non-heritage former government buildings that once housed thousands of State Government employees and ministers are now just a memory as the site sits at street level.

During the demolition, our design team was busy finalising the Plan of Development (PoD), otherwise referred to as a master plan, for the future Queen’s Wharf Brisbane integrated resort development.

In late-December 2017, the Queensland Government gave conditional approval for the PoD that had been submitted. Once the necessary compliance requirements are met, work on the next phase of Queen’s Wharf Brisbane can continue.

The next work package will be excavation and shoring. The excavation and shoring package includes piling, construction of a diaphragm wall between the site and the Brisbane River, and excavation of approximately 450,000m3 of material from the site.

The excavation will be the biggest to occur in a city centre in Queensland. At its deepest point it will be 26 metres below street level, while the total perimeter will be 650 linear metres.

Piling, diaphragm wall construction and excavation will take approximately 18 months. After that work can begin on building the foundations.

This year we expect to see the start of work on Waterline Park and the Goodwill Extension area that includes the Bicentennial upgrade and construction of the Mangrove Walk.

These will be part of the 12 footballs fields of public space that will become available through the Queen’s Wharf Brisbane integrated resort development. These new spaces will provide a range of areas for city commuters, residents and workers to sit, relax, exercise and enjoy.

Information about what work is happening on site is posted regularly on our Facebook page, and each month we post a short video of the timelapse camera footage showing the recent changes to the area. Why not log on and have a look for yourself, we would love to have you follow us.