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Probuild appointed to commence Queen’s Wharf Brisbane demolition works starting 1 January 2017

Destination Brisbane Consortium has announced Probuild as the successful tenderer for Queen’s Wharf Brisbane demolition works.

The project involves the removal of three non-heritage government buildings which have already been vacated due to government staff relocating to other government CBD buildings.

The consortium selected the national construction company, which has a Queensland base, to undertake the demolition works under the Queen’s Wharf Brisbane Priority Development Area Development Scheme.

The future redevelopment of the site will be the subject of further separate development applications.

Destination Brisbane Consortium Project Director, Simon Crooks said Probuild will start on 1 January 2017 under Demolition & Enabling Approval that will allow various services relocation works, hoarding of the site, and soft strip-out of the non-heritage buildings earmarked for demolition, followed by their removal to ground level.

“Our contractor will begin the demolition and enabling works in January and we expect this will take most of the year to complete,” Mr Crooks said.

“The demolition will be of the three non-heritage former government buildings at 80 George Street, 100 George Street, and the Neville Bonner Building at 75 William Street.

“This will be a slow demolition process where safety will be the highest priority, as these are buildings within the CBD that are surrounded by motorists, pedestrians, cyclists, and numerous heritage buildings.

“All heritage buildings within the site will remain protected and secured ready to be restored and repurposed as part of the future development under the Queen’s Wharf Brisbane Priority Development Area Development Scheme.”

Mr Crooks said the consortium’s focus is on jobs for Queenslanders and working with organisations who share its vision.

“Probuild will require up to 150 workers to complete these works and we expect our contractors to support local jobs; local suppliers; local training and apprenticeships; Indigenous participation; and to enforce the highest level of health and safety standards for our people,” Mr Crooks said.

“We have a commitment to local content and training, with contractual agreements signed with the Queensland Government in November 2015.”

Mr Crooks said jobs for Queenslanders had already started flowing from the development.

“We have already engaged many Queensland companies that employ hundreds of local people to assist in the significant amount of work that has been done to advance the planning and design process, as well as detailed site investigation works,” Mr Crooks said.

The Queen’s Wharf Brisbane development is a game changer for the city, and will feature:

  • 50 new restaurants and bars.
  • More than 1000 premium additional hotel rooms.
  • 2000 residential apartments.
  • Reactivation of some of the city’s most significant heritage buildings.
  • More than 2000 jobs during peak construction and 8000 operational jobs.
  • A 100 plus-metre Sky Deck.
  • 12 football fields of enhanced public open space.
  • A new pedestrian bridge from the CBD to South Bank.

Milestones for the Queen’s Wharf Brisbane development will be updated online at and on the Queen’s Wharf Brisbane Facebook page

For interest in construction roles and opportunities for the demolition and enabling works please contact Probuild on or 1800 676 329 (tollfree)