Multiple contractors appointed to $3.6B Queen’s Wharf Brisbane integrated resort development.

Destination Brisbane Consortium officially won the right to develop Queen’s Wharf Brisbane in October 2015 and since that time has undertaken a detailed approval process with the Queensland Government for its Plan of Development on the site.

In January 2017 work began onsite with the temporary closure of part of William Street to enable demolition of three non-heritage government buildings. Following that, more than 400,000m3 of material was removed from site making it the largest civil excavation project in Queensland.

Now, after more than three years on site, we are now starting to see the integrated resort development basement structure come up out of the ground and later this year (2020) we expect to see the four towers well above George Street.

Construction of the main integrated resort development including four towers and public space is being done by principal contractor Multiplex. For more information about construction, employment and supply opportunities please contact Multiplex direct on 1800 931 760 or email

Maritime work in the Brisbane River is well advanced and will eventually provide 6,500m2 of new public space to be known as The Landing.  These works are being undertaken by Probuild and for construction, employment or supply opportunities please contact Probuild direct on 1800 676 329 or email:

Early works for construction of the Neville Bonner (pedestrian) Bridge commenced in March 2020 on the South Bank side of the river and will be complete in time for the integrated resort development opening in late-2022. Fitzgerald Constructions Australia has been engaged to undertake the bridge works. For construction, employment or supply opportunities please contact them direct at or on 1800 413 951.

Current construction hours are from 6.30am to 6.30pm Monday to Saturday. For occasions when work is required outside these hours, construction notices are issued.

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Destination Brisbane Consortium is excited to be building this transformational city changing project for Brisbane and we thank the community for their patience while this work is undertaken.

For general enquiries please contact the Consortium direct on 1800 104 535 or email

Construction updates

  1. In Progress

    Night works: Underside of Riverside Expressway adjacent to the Bicentennial Bikeway near North Quay CityCat Terminal

    From 28 September to 6 October 2020 night works will occur adjacent to the Bicentennial Bikeway for a 100 metre section near the North Quay CityCat Terminal.      When: Night…
  2. In Progress

    Piling for Neville Bonner Bridge to begin at South Bank

    Piling for the Neville Bonner Bridge supports will soon begin at the South Bank landing site and then move into the river. When and where: Subject to approval, from Wednesday…
  3. In Progress

    Crane lifts from the Brisbane River to the Neville Bonner Bridge construction site at South Bank

    Materials and equipment required for piling will be lifted from the barge on the Brisbane River over the Clem Jones Promenade into the fenced bridge landing site at South Bank.
  4. In Progress

    Revised: Bicentennial Bikeway upgrade between North Quay terminal and The Cove

    From 3 September 2020 the Bicentennial Bikeway width will be reduced to 3 metres to enable upgrade works to begin. When: Construction work along the bikeway will occur from…
  5. In Progress

    Site establishment at South Bank for bridge

    On Monday 2 March Fitzgerald Constructions Australia will start early works at South Bank to enable the start of construction on the Neville Bonner Bridge When: From Monday 2 March…
  6. In Progress

    Temporary traffic changes to part of George Street (between Mary and Margaret Streets)

    From Monday 26 August 2019 materials will be lifted from trucks on George Street into the Queen’s Wharf construction site. For safety reasons, temporary traffic holds will be required on…
  7. Completed

    Night works: Bicentennial Bikeway between North Quay terminal and The Cove

    From 8 September to 11 September 2020 night works will occur adjacent to the Bicentennial Bikeway. When: Night works along the bikeway will occur from Tuesday 3 September 2020 to…
  8. Completed

    Crane installation at South Bank for future Neville Bonner Bridge works

    Night work will occur on Tuesday 1 September and Wednesday 2 September, for two nights only, while a 250 tonne crawler crane is moved into the construction area at South…
  9. Completed

    Extended: Geotechnical investigations required adjacent to Bicentennial Bikeway

    Early works to investigate ground conditions are in sections adjacent to the Bicentennial Bikeway, which may require some temporary reductions in width, however bikeway access will be maintained at all…
  10. Completed

    Mangrove planting requires minor interruptions to a short section of the Bicentennial Bikeway

    To create a safe work zone, a section of the Bicentennial Bikeway, adjacent to the Finger Wharves, will be intermittently reduced in width while up to 350 mangroves are planted…