Construction of the $3.6B Queen’s Wharf Brisbane development is underway.

Demolition of the non-heritage buildings occurred in 2017 and now in 2018 we are undertaking excavation and shoring activities for the future integrated resort development (arc shaped building) basement.

Basement excavation and shoring work is being managed by Probuild. For any construction, employment or supply opportunities related to this package of work, please contact Probuild direct on: 1800 676 329 or email:

The basement excavation and shoring is expected to continue until late-2019 when the site will then be ready for foundations.

In another area of our site, Multiplex has begun work has begun for construction of Waterline Park and the Goodwill Extension area upgrade that will see the transformation of a 500 metres stretch of the Bicentennial Bikeway from the Goodwill Bridge to the area behind 1William Street. It will also include construction of a 450 metre walkway above the Brisbane River.

Waterline Park and the Goodwill Extension area upgrade work is expected to be completed by late-2019.

For any construction, employment or supply opportunities related to this package of work please contact Multiplex direct on 1800 931 760 or email

Later this year Destination Brisbane Consortium will go to tender for the main integrated resort development. More information on this process and how you can be involved will be advised through our website and monthly newsletter.

Construction Map

In mid-2018 Destination Brisbane Consortium established a project information page with the Industry Capability Network (ICN). To stay informed about work packages, please visit the ICN website at

Construction notices detailing any work occurring outside the site boundary or outside normal hours are uploaded to our website under the Construction page, however you can also subscribe for automatic email updates via our ‘stay informed’ icon on the top right corner of this page.

Destination Brisbane Consortium is excited to be building this transformational city changing project for Brisbane and we thank the community for their patience while this work is undertaken.

For general enquiries please contact the consortium direct on 1800 104 535 or email



Construction updates

  1. In Progress

    Truck movements underway from Waterline Park

    Multiplex will begin hauling material from Waterline Park from 24 September until late November between 9.00am and 6.30pm Monday to Saturday, avoiding morning peak periods. When: The start of earthworks…
  2. In Progress

    Outside peak hours work: Trenching activities & underground conduit installation along Bicentennial Bikeway

    From Tuesday 25 September to Thursday 25 October 2018, Multiplex will complete the installation of underground services from Waterline Park to an Energex Transformer. When: From Tuesday 25 September to Thursday…
  3. In Progress

    Foreshore South – Commencement of project works

    Multiplex will start work on the Foreshore South project this month with a number of activities to occur both on land and in the Brisbane River. When and where: From…
  4. In Progress

    Night-time truck movements approved until August 2019

    Further to the last construction notice, Probuild has been approved for night time haulage, Monday to Saturday between 6.30pm and 4am, to continue until August 2019. Night haulage: Night…
  5. In Progress

    Bicentennial Bikeway upgrade requires temporary diversion – effective 16 July 2018

    The Bicentennial Bikeway from the Goodwill Bridge to the area behind 1 William Street will be closed for 12 months to allow upgrade works. When and where: From 5am…
  6. In Progress

    Building you a better bikeway

    From Monday 16 July 2018 to mid-2019 the Bicentennial Bikeway from  near the Goodwill Bridge to the back of 1 William Street will  be under construction. When complete, the 500 metre section…
  7. Scheduled

    Site investigation test

    A hard rock excavation test is scheduled for 3 November 2018 Due to the extremely hard rock expected near the bottom of the excavation pit, it is anticipated that the…
  8. Completed

    Mangrove Walk Construction – Marine Piling near QUT Ferry Terminal

    From Tuesday 11 September to 28 September 2018, piling works will be completed adjacent to the QUT Ferry Terminal Walkway. When: The piles will be driven from Tuesday the 11…
  9. Completed

    Electrical conduit installation along the Bicentennial Bikeway

    For two days starting Tuesday 21 August 2018 Multiplex will require intermittent access to a short section of the Bicentennial Bikeway to complete the installation of electrical services. When:…
  10. Completed

    Night-time truck movements extended

    Probuild is extending night time haulage, which has been occurring since 4 June. A further application has been submitted to extend the night haulage until the end of excavation in…