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Piling for Neville Bonner Bridge to begin at South Bank

Piling for the Neville Bonner Bridge supports will soon begin at the South Bank landing site and then move into the river.

When and where:

Subject to approval, from Wednesday 30 September 2020, piling works will commence on the South Bank construction site and then move into the river.

All work will be completed between 6.30am and 6.30pm Monday to Friday.

What to expect:

At each time pile hammering (noisiest activity) will not exceed 20-minute windows.

Piling work is expected to take several months with intermittent noisy works. See attached map for details.

During pile hammering works – warning signs and noise alert stations will be positioned around the construction site to inform people that noisy piling activity is about to commence or underway.

These stations will also provide updated information on scheduled pile hammering times.

Support works will be undertaken at all other times between 6.30am and 6.30pm, Monday to Friday. Support works will include, pile augering, splice welding of pile sections, the moving of plant and equipment and the unloading/loading of (infrequent) truck deliveries.

Pedestrian and cyclist impact:

During pile hammering works, alternative access paths for pedestrians and cyclists will be advertised and encouraged. People will also be discouraged from congregating in the immediate area when pile hammering is underway because of high noise levels.