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Queen’s Wharf hits the silver screen

Hollywood’s latest romantic comedy Ticket-To-Paradise features Queen’s Wharf in the opening scenes hosting a star-studded cast as iconic as the location.  

George Clooney took over the site for a day with crew filming him across three levels of the entertainment resort development in December 2021.

Now the movie has hit cinemas in Australia, we can share what went on behind the scenes.

Production vehicles, rigging equipment, lighting, catering, and extras filled William Street on the day of shooting.

With art imitating life, extras from Destination Brisbane Consortium and Multiplex received the Hollywood treatment getting hair, make-up, and costumes for their role as construction workers in the film.


Destination Brisbane Consortium Development Manager Eleanor Horton took up the challenge and was transformed into an American-style construction worker for the day.

“It was a once-in-a-lifetime experience to be part of a Hollywood movie, so they didn’t have to ask me twice,” Eleanor said.

“The whole makeup and costume process was a well-oiled machine and to see it happen here in Brisbane was quite amazing.”


Multiplex Senior Design Manager and Ticket-To-Paradise extra Richard Rowell said it was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to be part of a Hollywood movie.

“Experiencing what goes on behind the scenes of a movie starring an A-List cast was unforgettable,” Richard said.

“The logistics, scale of production including the volume of staff to ensure everything ran smoothly was not unsimilar to what you would see on a building site – everything ran like clockwork and the professionalism was exceptional.

“It was thrilling to watch the movie in the cinemas and see the scenes shot at Queen’s Wharf come to life.”


Ticket-to-Paradise also stars Julia Roberts and is in cinemas now. Look out for Queen’s Wharf in the early scenes.