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Back 24 Jul '17

15,14,13,12… let the countdown begin

Riverside Expressway motorists and CBD commuters will now be able to clearly follow the demolition progression of the former Executive Building.

Four banners, each 15 stories high are being installed (Monday 24 July) on each side of the building so that the people of Brisbane will be able to track the demolition progress.

In 1971, the Executive Building opened its doors as the Queensland Government’s “House of Power”. In 2016, it closed its doors and, in 2017, its walls will come down.

The Executive Building, commissioned by Sir Joh, went on to house nine Queensland Premiers and thousands of government workers over its 46-year life.

Said to be one of the tallest buildings ever to be demolished in Queensland, the Brutalist style building will be levelled by the end of the year.

Destination Brisbane Consortium Project Director Simon Crooks said the concrete block style building was a defining architectural style for Brisbane at the time, much like Queen’s Wharf Brisbane will be when the $3 billion development is complete.

“Interestingly an architect back then said the Executive building with its shaded windows, deep shadows, walkways and exposed columns would express the subtropical Brisbane climate and contrast with the unsuitable glass boxes of the past decade,” Mr Crooks said.

“Queen’s Wharf Brisbane has also been designed with subtropical climate in mind. Brisbane enjoys more than 300 days of sunshine per year which means the people of Brisbane and visitors can enjoy our outdoor lifestyle and riverfront position.

“While there will be contrasting elements between our design and the heritage buildings in the precinct, we have been mindful to create a design that will complement what is there now while bringing a new level of sophistication to the city centre.

“It was only in May that we formally submitted our Plan of Development to Economic Development Queensland for assessment and that process is still ongoing but we believe our Plan showcases the iconic architecture we have planned for this site.”

Key design features for Queen’s Wharf Brisbane include:

  • A design that will define Brisbane in true place-making style
  • Creating more public space and focusing on Queensland’s outdoor lifestyle
  • Celebrating the birthplace of Brisbane
  • Making the river the heart of the proposal
  • Leveraging the city’s current strengths including access to the river
  • Delivering iconic architecture.

Demolition of the three non-heritage buildings within the Queen’s Wharf Brisbane site is expected to be completed to ground level (excluding basements) by the end of the year. From 2018 it is expected that excavation on the site will begin, subject to approvals.