Construction Updates

Installation of South Bank Gantry for Neville Bonner Bridge works

A Temporary Gantry will be installed over the Clem Jones Promenade spanning between the River and the Bridge compound in South Bank.


Between 9:30am and 2pm on Monday 18 January 2021, Fitzgerald will erect a Temporary Gantry over the Clem Jones Promenade at South Bank using their Crane Barge within the River.


The Crane on the Barge (already in the Brisbane River) will be used to lift equipment and material from the river to erect the Temporary Gantry.

All lifts will occur over the Clem Jones Promenade during a full closure, with all load shadows contained within the isolated work zone.

See attached map for details.

What to expect:

The Gantry will be a temporary structure that will span from the Neville Bonner Bridge South Bank fenced compound over the Clem Jones Promenade onto piled supports within the River. The structure will have a pier support within the fenced compound and 2 no. pier supports in the River, with a minimum underside clearance of 4.5m above the Clem Jones Promenade. Working at heights access equipment will be used, to enable safe access for erection and inspection.

Pedestrian and Cyclist Access:

The Clem Jones Promenade will be closed between the Clem Jones Russell Street Ramp and the Riverside Open Space Arc Path. Traffic controllers will be on-site to guide pedestrians and cyclists along the temporary detour. Cyclists will need to dismount and follow the detour route. South Bank 1 and 2 Ferry Terminals will remain open, with access and egress to be managed by traffic control via the downstream closure point.