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Upgraded public space to open in 2019

Located along the riverfront between the Goodwill Bridge and 1 William Street, the upgrade will form part of the 12 football fields of public realm to be developed with the Queen’s Wharf precinct.

The works will create three features for the public to enjoy – the pedestrian Mangrove Walk, upgrading of the existing Bicentennial Bikeway, and new recreational space at Waterline Park.

Multiplex has won the tender to create the new and upgraded public areas through a rejuvenation of the under-utilised area beneath the Riverside Expressway.

Destination Brisbane Consortium Project Director Simon Crooks said the parkland and walkway will create high quality public spaces that will showcase the Brisbane River and provide outdoor experiences to help locals, domestic and international visitors enjoy Brisbane’s sub-tropical climate.

“Brisbane is a river city,” said Mr Crooks. “By creating these new scenic spaces, we are helping to unlock the riverfront. “This work will rejuvenate an underutilised part of Brisbane by connecting the city’s botanic gardens with the future precinct and bring people closer to the river.”

“The Mangrove Walk will be a pedestrian-only walkway with boat house café facilities that will start at the base of the Goodwill bridge, run along and outside the mangroves, before connecting with the upgraded cycle and pedestrian path just behind 1 William Street,” said Mr Crooks.

“Waterline Park will be an oasis in the CBD that will provide active outdoor leisure and relaxation opportunities with some of the best views in Brisbane.

“With life in Brisbane having such a major focus on the outdoors, we will enhance these new public spaces by including recreational facilities like outdoor gym equipment, table tennis tables and the boatshed café along the river so that people enjoy active and healthy lifestyles in the heart of city.

“This is also part of our 6 Star Green Star Community rating that promotes activity and health within our precinct.”

Mr Crooks said the existing riverside bikeway will undergo significant upgrades.

“The Bicentennial Bikeway will be increased to a continuous three metre segregated bikeway throughout most of the precinct,” he added.

“We will remove hazardous narrow points along the bikeway and build a parallel pedestrian path that compliments the Mangrove Walk to increase safety for pedestrians and cyclists.”

DBC is working closely with Multiplex, QUT, Bicycle Queensland, neighbouring landholders and traffic authorities to ensure impacts to road and bikeway users are kept to a minimum.

Construction planning will ensure access for city-cat terminal users, and cyclist and pedestrian travel continuity, are maintained during the works.

All construction details will be communicated publicly ahead of work starting.