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Work beginning ahead of demolition for Queen’s Wharf Brisbane

Preparation has begun this week on the Neville Bonner Building to make way for demolition to start next month at the Queen’s Wharf Brisbane site.

External trim from the building – located at 75 William Street – is being removed to enable the safe installation of scaffolding around the building prior to hard demolition works starting.

The other two non-heritage buildings earmarked for demolition are the Annexe and Executive building at 100 George Street, and 80 George Street – both recently vacated by the Queensland Government.

Destination Brisbane Consortium Project Director Simon Crooks said the removal of the precast concrete sunshades marked the first visible signs that demolition will soon get underway.

“Although we haven’t yet begun hard demolition works, today represents a small taste of what is to come,” Mr Crooks said.

“The removal of the precast concrete sunshades, which are bolted to the building, is part of the ‘soft strip’ demolition works being managed by demolition and enabling works contractor Probuild.

“’Soft strip’ includes removal of internal furniture, kitchens, carpets, windows and other fittings and materials that can be recycled or reused prior to the hard demolition.

“It will take approximately two weeks to remove the sunshades and Probuild is using appropriate temporary support measures such as cranes and external lifts to ensure the sunshades come down safely and their removal does not affect the structural integrity of the building.”

Demolition will start first on the Neville Bonner building, followed by 100 George St Annexe and Executive building, and finally 80 George Street.

“Prior to demolition, the buildings will be wrapped in scaffolding and mesh to manage impacts and water used to manage dust,” Mr Crooks said.

“Between now and demolition works starting, rigorous asbestos inspections will continue to ensure any asbestos identified is safely removed and the buildings will continue to be stripped of any furniture and fittings left inside from the previous government tenants.

“By the end of the year, and subject to EDQ approvals, we expect the site to be flat and ready for excavation works to begin for the underground car park.”

The Neville Bonner building was culturally closed by the Queensland Government and representatives of the Bonner family in August 2016. The legacy of Senator Bonner will continue in the precinct by naming of the future pedestrian bridge between South Bank and Queen’s Wharf Brisbane the Neville Bonner Bridge.

The Queen’s Wharf Brisbane development is a game changer for the city, and will feature:

  • 50 new restaurants and bars.
  • More than 1000 premium additional hotel rooms.
  • 2000 residential apartments.
  • Reactivation of some of the city’s most significant heritage buildings.
  • More than 2000 jobs during peak construction and 8000 operational jobs.
  • A 100 plus-metre Sky Deck.
  • 12 football fields of enhanced public open space.

A new pedestrian bridge from the CBD to South Bank. Milestones for the Queen’s Wharf Brisbane development will be updated online at and on the Queen’s Wharf Brisbane Facebook page

Image 1: Preparing to remove the precast concrete sunshades from the former Neville Bonner building

Image 1: Preparing to remove the precast concrete sunshades from the former Neville Bonner building

Image 2: Precast concrete sunshades lowered to the ground

Image 2: Precast concrete sunshades lowered to the ground