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Truck movements will continue in the New Year for construction of Waterline Park

Recommencing Monday 14 January, Multiplex will continue truck movements along Gardens Point Rd as part of the construction of Waterline Park


The truck movements along Gardens Point Rd will recommence Monday 14 January and continue until late April from 9am to 6.30pm, Monday to Saturday, avoiding morning peak periods.

What to expect:

The current restrictions at peak times, with no trucks entering Gardens Point Road between 6:30am and 9.00am, will apply.

It is anticipated that an average of three trucks per hour will travel to and from the site.

All truck operators will comply with the Traffic Management Plan and will remain conscious of their CBD surrounding, site neighbours, other road users and pedestrians.

The truck movements are necessary for the removal of soil, import of fill, and delivery of concrete for the various hardstand structures in Waterline Park.


See attached map for details of truck entry and exit routes.