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Temporary lane closure along George Street – nighttime only

Night works: Periodically from Friday 14 June until Friday 19 July 2019 between 7pm and 5am, one lane along George Street, between Alice and Charlotte Streets will temporarily closed to allow office furnishings to be removed from the heritage buildings.


Periodically from Friday 14 June until Friday 19 July 2019, between 7pm and 5am, a small section of the northbound kerbside lane of George St will be temporarily closed.

The temporary, nighttime only, closure is to allow the safe loading of office furnishings, into skip bins located on the George Street footpath.

The materials include carpets, tiles, modern furniture, window blinds, curtains, modern timber stands and shelves. These materials were left behind in the heritage buildings when they were vacated as office premises in 2016.


The skip bins will be located on the footpath of George St in front of the old Printery, Harris Terrace and The Mansions. The closest kerbside lane of George St will be closed in front of the skip bins for the safety of workers and motorists. See attached map for details.

What to expect:

Works will involve the loading of bins by hand. Typical noise will be the loading of furniture and debris from the building into steel bins and intermittent bin placement and removal by trucks.

All vehicle movement will be under traffic control and for safety pedestrian access will be directed to the other side of George Street.