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Scope of night-time construction activities extended

In addition to night haulage (already approved until August 2019), excavation and shoring activities will be undertaken at night until 11pm Friday 17 May 2019.


Progress is being made on the excavation with nearly 300,000m3 removed and approximately 100,000m3 remaining. Night work that includes excavation and shoring activities is now required, until 11pm five nights a week (Monday to Friday).

Noisy activities associated with excavation and shoring will be prioritised to occur before 10pm with some work to continue until 11pm. Haulage may still occur until 4am.

Probuild currently has approval to remove material from site until 4am through until August 2019 and has now extended their night work approval to include excavation and shoring activities essential to complete the work package.

For more information about the night time activities please contact Probuild on 1800 676 329 (toll free) or email: queenswharf@probuild.com.au.


All excavation and shoring activities are to occur within the Queen’s Wharf Brisbane basement, now more than 22 metres below George Street.


This extension of excavation and shoring night work is until Friday 17 May 2019. Night haulage may continue until August 2019.

What to expect:

Some noise is expected, however should only be noticeable prior to 10pm. From 10pm noisy activities will be minimised as much as possible.