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Plumbing connection requires – tunnel boring beneath Gardens Point Road and QUT carpark

From Wednesday 6 February to Monday 18 February 2019, tunnel boring works will occur to connect plumbing services for the Boathouse Pavilion.


Nightworks: From Wednesday 6 February to Monday 18 February between 3:30am and 6:00pm.


Planned works will be undertaken on ground level of QUT C Block carpark, across and beneath Gardens Point Road into the Multiplex construction site, with localised exclusion zones either side of Gardens Point Road.

Traffic management and control measures will guide traffic flow during this time. See attached map for further details.

What to expect:

To minimise the impact to vehicles, cyclists, and pedestrians using Gardens Point Rd and the carpark, a tunnel boring machine with vacuum excavation is being used to install the necessary plumbing services.

Safety exclusion zones will be established around the work areas.

Pedestrian, cyclist and vehicle access will be maintained at all times.