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Night-time truck movements approved until August 2019

Further to the last construction notice, Probuild has been approved for night time haulage from Monday to Saturday between 6.30pm and 4am, to continue until August 2019.

Night haulage:

Night haulage began 4 June 2018 from 6.30pm to 2am and has now been approved for the next 12 months to run from 6.30pm to 4am Monday to Saturday.

Truck movement will continue as normal through the day, with a night shift now approved to August 2019.The current restrictions on peak times will remain.

All truck operators will comply with the Traffic Management Plan and will remain conscious of their CBD surroundings, site neighbours and other road users and pedestrians.

What to expect:

The night-time truck haulage is necessary to transport materials from the construction site as part of the shoring and excavation works.

Night-time truck movements will result in fewer truck movements during the day with an anticipated 18 trucks on average to be loaded per hour overnight. No demolition or excavation activities will be conducted at night.

Noise will be kept to a minimum however will include truck engines and loading of material onto trucks by excavators at designated loading areas.

Traffic controllers will be in place to minimise impacts on vehicle and pedestrian traffic as the trucks enter and exit the site.


Trucks will be accessing and leaving the designated loading areas within the site as detailed on the map provided with the entry and exit points on William St.