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Queen’s Wharf Brisbane’s symphony of cranes on the move


With the highest density of cranes in Australia on a single site, Queen’s Wharf Brisbane is putting the capital city on the map as a construction mecca for crane enthusiasts. 

By December, four of the site’s nine cranes will have relocated around the site to make way for more works underneath the integrated resort as the development continues to take shape.

They will relocate from their original positions on the basement ground floor to street-level as the podium levels continue to form along the Riverside Expressway.

Capturing all the action is WildBear Entertainment, which is creating a ‘Mega Mechanics’ documentary about the cranes that will showcase the assembly, the engine servicing, and the dismantling of the impressive machines.

Multiplex Project Director Dayne May said he was excited to see the site captured in the documentary, which will help explain the many moving parts and give a “behind the scenes” insight into the people and personalities building the $3.6 billion development.

“We have a mix of cranes – some climb internal to the building and some external and all function with different sized engines and require servicing and maintenance regularly,” Mr May said.

“Any servicing, repositioning, and maintenance work required on the cranes is conducted on weekends by a team of experienced riggers and dogmen who work at heights and in restricted spaces.

“We currently have nine cranes but keep an eye out for a 10th crane to be installed in the coming months for a short period of time.”

The cranes at Queen’s Wharf Brisbane will continue to be moved around the site throughout construction, relocating at different points to start work on new structures within the development, and to ensure the cranes do not penetrate the building floors as the works continue upwards.

The podium levels have started forming, with the tower structures to follow next year. The Star Grand hotel facade will also start being installed in the first quarter of 2021.

For construction related enquiries, contact Multiplex either via phone 1800 931 760 or email

The $3.6 billion Queen’s Wharf Brisbane development is being delivered by Destination Brisbane Consortium – a joint venture led by The Star Entertainment Group alongside its Hong Kong-based partners, Chow Tai Fook Enterprises and Far East Consortium.

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